The Douro Valley, an enchanted valley of thousand stories. Breathtaking views of an endless green and a river that shape the mountains in its way. It is world heritage, and did everything to deserve it. From the best wines produced in its banks, the cultural landscape, the custom and of course the incredible location. Just an hour driving from Porto – Portugal, we discovered a jewel, which for many is unknown. We discovered a hotel where we could quickly escape from the civilization but still feel at home. We discovered the DOURO SUITES.

As usual, or almost as always, the trip was made at the end of the day. We left Porto for a new destination. During our journey the landscapes that followed us were unique and here the man’s hand was unnoticed, and nature breathed in its greatest fullness. When we arrived the rain was slowly falling over us, but the need to relax and to discover this new space was so much that we did not mind getting wet. We saw this white house in the immense darkness that stretched out over the river. Silence was the noise and we could only hear the wind of the trees.

We stayed at Casa do Lago, the largest and most private suite of this hotel. A true duplex with totally unobstructed views to the river offering total privacy to the guests. A duplex with 72 sqm, living room, hot tub and kitchen, balcony and private patio facing the river, with outdoor jacuzzi. Whether for rest, for romance, to escape the world, or simply to admire the beauty where this property is located.

Now it’s not a secret anymore, but it’s a secret worth sharing. Forget the world, forget the stress, forget the confusing places filled with tourists. Here is none of this, here you will find yourself.

The morning was born on the river and brought a haze with it, and the views… The views are incomparable. There are no words to describe this place. And we were just about to discover another jewel, the breakfast. Local, organic, and fresh products in a huge selection of fresh fruits, cheeses, different types of milk and traditional sweets. The breakfast was served in a rustic house just a few meters from our suite and what a treat. Everything was so well prepared and the freshly squeezed juices… Did we find paradise?

They told us after the breakfast we were going to lunch in a secret place. We were taken on a small boat without knowing the destination, but the landscapes of the banks were unique, we felt we were the only ones in the world at that moment, everything around us was immense. The sailboat took us to a secret garden in the middle of green trees and a breathtaking silence. The place seemed just created for us. There was a small table by the river, with local fresh wine and local products, a huge variety of good things to enjoy. Everything was prepared to detail to make this moment very magical. We have traveled many places in the world, but this lunch in this secret place, away from everything and everyone, was unique. We ate the national delicacies, listening only to our voices, the trees, the birds, the wind and the water going down the river lightly. When we wanted to go back, a call was enough and the sailboat would be there to take us. One of the most personalized services we have had.

When we arrived, we decided to spend some time by the pool. A green color swimmingpool that merges with nature natural colors makes it one of the most desirable pools in Portugal.Take a dip, relax and enjoy the rest of the day with the best scenery you can ask for. But besides this incredible pool you can also enjoy the services of bicycles, water-sports, sailing boat, canoe, kart cross, picnic, etc.

All staff we meet at this hotel are of extreme friendliness and professionalism, and have provided a memorable weekend. And undoubtedly we would stay in this magical place again, where time stops, where we feel unique and we can take advantage of the best of nature in its purest state.

Rua da Portela do Rio, nº 543
4640 – 402 Ribadouro, Baião
+351 938 880 085