DSECTION 17 is around the corner and better than ever ‘REBELLION’ is the theme of the day and the theme of the next DSECTION. And REBELLION is also the name of the fashion film shot and directed by Tiago Ribeiro starring the model MAXIME FRENEL to introduce you the new issue. Maxime claims to be a rebel but a rebel searching for LOVE.

And of course we are more than proud to say: all shoes are MADE IN PORTUGAL in a production powered by APICCAPS filmed on the beautiful portuguese island FAIAL, AZORES.


Fashion Film for DSECTION Magazine #17 REBELLION
starring Maxime Frenel at SUCCESS MODELS

Shot and directed by Tiago Ribeiro
Creative Direction – Filipe Fangueiro & Paulo Meixedo
Editing – Tiago Leão & Tiago Ribeiro
Drone – João Monge
Styling – Nelly Gonçalves
Make Up – Patrícia Lima
Production – Snowberry
Powered by APICCAPS