“WE WANT LOVE” – editors letter

Rebellion. What more can we do for the world at this moment? A rebellion of love. A cultural rebellion. Or a rebellion for peace. A world without rebels is a dead place. We want to keep it alive. Strong. We want to create a revolution. Tell a story. Scream on a desert. Climb virgin mountains. Use our bodies as instruments to fill the hearts and make a change. We want equality for all. We want to paint our faces and use the streets as our home. We want love. Love desperately. We want you to join us on this rebellion. Be part of it. Women or men. Asian or black. Gay or straight. We are one and as one we are stronger. This is not just a magazine: it’s a manifesto. Let’s bring our flags and project our future. It’s out there and together we can build it. DSECTION #17 brings a fresh new vision and a different point of view around this theme. The fashion business always had its own rules and had the right to break those same rules. Fashion never follows. It was always a mirror of the society. We used this anthem to sing it out loud. Giving a voice to the ones who didn’t follow anybody. Who was inspired by others to have a different kind of speech. A different way to fight for their rights. To stand and not to fall. All of these photographers, models, stylists and talents are here to became one in a unique rebellion.





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